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Timing Pulley Bar Stock

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With high-quality timing pulley stock available off the shelf, B&B Manufacturing provides fast and economical production of timing pulleys for custom and prototype applications.

timing pulley barstock

That means whether you have a unique need that can't be met with standard pulleys or require a quickly machined pulley for a low-risk, high-reward prototype, we're here to help. We stock lengths up to 12", but can accommodate longer lengths and custom tooth counts. And with bar stock available in aluminum and steel, we can machine pulleys to meet any material or performance requirements.

Our bar stock is available in metric and U.S. (inch) sizes. Pitches include:

  • MXL (0.080”)
  • XL (0.200”)
  • L (0.375”)
  • H (0.500”)
  • 3 MM HTD®
  • 5 MM HTD®
  • 8 MM HTD®
  • 2 MM PowerGrip GT2® (2MR)
  • 3 MM PowerGrip GT2® (3MR)
  • 5 MM PowerGrip GT2® (5MR)
  • T2
  • T5
  • T10
  • AT5
  • AT10

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