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Roller Chain Sprockets

At B&B Manufacturing, we offer a wide selection of precision-engineered, quality roller chain sprockets serving the power transmission and precision mechanical component industries.

roller chain sprocket

Our A-style sprockets accommodate No. 25 and No. 35 pitch chain.

Our B-style finished bore sprockets accommodate No. 25 and No. 35 pitch chain and feature:

  • Two set screws
  • Standard keyway
  • Bores to 1.375”

We also feature minimum plain bore (MPB) sprockets made from:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Ideal for instances where space limits bushing use, our MPB sprockets feature a variety of pitches:

  • No. 25
  • No. 35
  • No. 40
  • No. 41
  • No. 50
  • No. 60

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