The More the Merrier

Posted on Oct 04, 2018

B&B Manufacturing has just installed a new Black Oxide line! Our company now has not just one, but two of these beneficial product corrosion-resistance coating systems. The second line is the same as our current Black Oxide system but with improvements that allow an increase in capacity. We now have 3x the blackening capacity than before! The Black Oxide lines give B&B the advantage of possessing new and improved systems which allow for more cost-effective, efficient processes with a more rapid turn-around time…reduced lead times! All non-Stainless Steel and Cast Iron products are protected from “salt bleed out” through the Black Oxide process. There is no need to worry about harm to operators because the Black Oxide lines are easy to operate, provide a safe work environment, compliant to RoHS, and contain no chemicals regulated by the EPA. Other benefits of our new Black Oxide lines include: corrosion protection, dimensional stability, lubricity, abrasion resistance, decorative finish, reduced light glare, pre-treatment for paint, cost-competitive, conductivity, surface property stability, no embrittlement, no welding fumes, and more.  Keep B&B Manufacturing in mind for your synchronous/belted drive solutions…we are focused on the highest quality and continuous improvement!

installation black oxide line