10XL037M6A6 - Aluminum Metric Pulleys

10XL037M6A6 - Aluminum Metric Pulleys

Product Details for 10XL037M6A6

Comparable to: 10XL037M6A6, A 6A3M10NF09506, A6A3M10NF09506

10XL037M6A6, Timing Pulley, Powerhouse Timing, 6 mm Bore, Aluminum

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Product Number 10XL037M6A6
Teeth 10
Tooth Style XL
For Belt Width (in) 0.375
Type 6
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Flange Material Aluminum
Bore Type Finished Bore
Bore (mm) 6.00
Set Screw 1 x M3
Pulley Belt Width (mm) 9.50
Unit System Inch
P.D. (mm) 16.20
O.D. (mm) 15.70
Face Width (mm) 20.60
Overall Length (mm) 9.50
Hub Diameter (mm) 11.00
Weight (lb) 0.02
Part Number Cross Reference 10XL037M6A6, A 6A3M10NF09506, A6A3M10NF09506