25-3P15-6FA3, Timing Pulley

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Comparable to: 25-3P15-6FA3, 3MR-25S-15, 78436083, TP3A3W15-

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25-3P15-6FA3, Timing Pulley, Aluminum, Clear Anodized,

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Product Number 25-3P15-6FA3
Teeth 25
Tooth Style GT 3mm
For Belt Width (mm) 15.000
Type 6F
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Flange Material Aluminum
Bore Type Finished Bore
Bore (in) 1/4 Inch Finished Bore
Pitch Diameter (in) 0.940
Outside Diameter (in) 0.910
Flange Diameter (in) 1.060
Face Width (in) 0.742
Overall Length (in) 1.057
Hub Diameter (in) 0.625
Set Screw 2 x 8-32 @ 90°
Min. Bore (in) 0.250
Pulley Belt Width (in) 0.636
Unit System Inch
Max. Bore (in) 0.375
Weight (lb) 0.05
Part Number Cross Reference 25-3P15-6FA3, 3MR-25S-15, 78436083, TP3A3W15-