914XL025G, Timing Belt

914XL025G, A6R3-457025, 914XL025

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Comparable to: 914XL025G, A 6Z 3-457025, A6Z3-457025, 914XL025

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914XL025G, Timing Belt, Neoprene, Fiberglass

B&B Manufacturing carries 914XL025G PMC Imperial Pitch Timing Belts in various pitches to accommodate the different industries we serve. Contact us today for a free quote!


Product Number 914XL025G
Teeth 457
Tooth Style XL
Unit System Inch
Belt Type Single Sided
Pitch Length (in) 91.400
Belt Width (in) 0.250
Belt Width (mm) 6.40
Pitch Length (mm) 2,321.56
Construction Neoprene
Reinforcement Fiberglass
Weight (lb) 0.10
Part Number Cross Reference 914XL025G, A 6Z 3-457025, A6Z3-457025, 914XL025