63V650SK, V-Belt Pulley

63V650SK, 3V656, 6-3V6.5, 6/3V650SK

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Comparable to: 63V650SK, QD6/3V6.50, 3V656, 6-3V6.5, 6/3V650

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63V650SK, V-Belt Pulley, Cast Iron

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Product Number 63V650SK
Type A1
Material Cast Iron
Bore Type QD
Bore (in) SK
Pitch Diameter (in) 6.450
Outside Diameter (in) 6.500
Min. Bore (in) 0.500
Unit System Inch
Bushing SK
Max. Bore (in) 2.625
E (in) 17/32
L (in) 1 15/16
M (in) 1/4
For Belt Type 3V
Weight (lb) 11.40
Part Number Cross Reference 63V650SK, QD6/3V6.50, 3V656, 6-3V6.5, 6/3V650