Timing Pulleys, synchronous Belts, V-Belt Sheaves, Tapered Bushings & Power Transmission Components



B&B Manufacturing® produces and distributes custom and standard U.S.-made synchronous drive products which include timing belt pulleys, synchronous belts, V-belt sheaves, taper bushings, (QD®, Taper-Lock®, Double Split Taper), gears, idlers, roller chain sprockets, and related products for the power transmission and precision mechanical component industries. We are the belt drive experts. Whether you need a custom part engineered and manufactured to your unique specifications or standard catalog parts for your MRO needs, we service distributors and manufacturers with thousands of components. We offer products for a wide variety of industries, including Packaging Machinery, Automation, Life Sciences, CNC, Robotics, Oil & Gas, Dental Instruments, ACHE, and many more. B&B Manufacturing welcomes your custom projects with confidence as we can help you by using our custom quote or drive design tool. We have a complete engineering staff on hand, are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and can accommodate any project of any size.