Powerhouse® Belt Drives & Gates Synchronous Drive Systems

powerhouse mxB&B Manufacturing® produces and stocks Powerhouse® HTD® timing belt pulleys for the industry standard pitches of 3 mm HTD®, 5 mm HTD®, 8 mm HTD®, and 14 mm HTD®. These pulleys are available in a wide variety of bores, bushings, configurations, belt widths, and tooth counts. These drives are also designed to handle a wide range of belt speeds and generate virtually no friction. The steel and iron versions of these industry standards have larger load capacities than their aluminum or plastic counterparts due to the higher strength and firmness of steel and iron. Powerhouse® HTD® drive systems are the first generation of curvilinear tooth profiles.

Powerhouse® drive systems are the racehorses of the B&B Manufacturing® product line. They are an advance in product design over the older HTD® standard system featuring improved performance and durability and are fully compatible with the PowerGrip® drive system. Their modified curvilinear tooth profile was designed with high-speed (over 500 RPM) applications in mind and provide excellent registration without a loss in torque carrying capability making them ideal for precise registration applications and heavy loads. Bearing loads are minimized due to the low tension requirements of the Powerhouse® drives resulting in extended bearing life.

Powerhouse® drives are low maintenance because they do not require re-tensioning or lubrication and are therefore ideal for applications where downtime is critical. They are finding a place in numerous applications including material handling, ACHE (air cooled heat exchange), machine tooling, food packaging machinery, wide format printers, and vending kiosks. Powerhouse® belts deliver more power with less noise at lower overall cost than other rubber synchronous belt drive systems. They are a premium choice for precise, high-speed industrial power transmission applications with mid-range torque requirements and are interchangeable with competitors’ drives. Powerhouse® drives are offered in pitches of 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, and 14 mm.

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