Stock & Custom Plastic Drive Parts & Components

B&B Manufacturing® now has the capability to serve our customers in an extended capacity through our offering of stock & custom plastic precision mechanical components. plastic gears and bevelsOur plastic parts include synchronous timing pulleys, roller chain sprockets, spur gears, bevel gears, and gear rack provide the benefits of: lower cost, more availability, and lighter weight than other materials. 







Why would a customer look to replace their current steel, aluminum, or cast iron part with plastic? Plastic is made from raw materials that are almost always less expensive than metal. Lower production expenses associated with plastic leads to increased availability. Products made from plastic provide a low-cost, readily-available, light-weight alternative to metal parts. 


white plastic pulley spur              white plastic spur gear         plastic 24XL037        black plastic bevel gear


Machines like the Kawaguchi KM180 and Toyo To-90G2 are what enable B&B to expand our offering and provide stock plastic product availability. Injection molding machines and our sonic welder are operated by our team to keep business running smoothly!

toyo to-90g2              branson 8400              kawaguchi KM180

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