Timing Pulley Flanges

B&B Manufacturing® provides a full selection of stock aluminum and steel timing pulley flanges made in the U.S. Available in custom and standard metric and U.S. (inch) sizes, our high-quality timing pulley flanges are ideal for:

  • Custom pulleys for specific applications
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Unique material and performance specifications

Pitches include:

  • MXL (0.080")Timing Pulley Flanges
  • LT (0.0816”)
  • XL (0.200")
  • L (0.375")
  • H (0.500")
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • 3 MM Powerhouse® HTD® (3M)
  • 5 MM Powerhouse® HTD® (5M)
  • 8 MM Powerhouse® HTD® (8M)
  • 2 MM Powerhouse® (2P)
  • 3 MM Powerhouse® (3P) 
  • 5 MM Powerhouse® (5P)

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