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power transmission partsLed by the Powerhouse®, Powerhouse® HTD®, Powerhouse® MX, and ACHE sprocket product lines, B&B Manufacturing® is a leader in the power transmission industry.  In addition to the smaller timing pulleys and belts offered for the precision mechanical component industry, B&B Manufacturing® also offers timing belt pulleys and timing belts in the larger H, XH, XXH, 8mm, and 14mm pitches.  We offer a large variety of sizes of roller chain sprockets, spur gears, gear racks, tensioners, bushings, and V-belt sheaves. 

B&B Manufacturing® offers power transmission timing pulleys in gray iron starting at 9 inch outside diameters, unlike our competitors who start using gray iron at 4 inch outside diameters.  Ductile iron offers higher tensile strength and is less brittle than gray iron.  In addition. B&B Manufacturing® never uses sintered metal because it is prone to cracking and fracturing.  Many options are available for attaching power transmission pulleys to shafts.  Among them are idler pulleys, plain bore pulleys, finished bore pulleys, and tapered bore pulleys for Taper-Lock bushings, QD bushings, and split taper bushings.

Among B&B Manufacturing's® power transmission offerings are roller chain sprockets.  With a large variety of pitches and configurations from stock, B&B Manufacturing® strives to offer just-in-time delivery for many hard to find roller chain sprocket sizes.

We now offer spur gears and gear racks in 14.5 degree and 20 degree pressure angles from stock.  With a large selection of materials and pitches available, we can meet or exceed most delivery expectations.

For your convenience, B&B Manufacturing® offers Taper-Lock bushings, QD bushings, and split taper bushings for timing pulleys, V-belt sheaves, Poly-V sheaves, and spur gears in a variety of bore sizes from stock. 

We also offer tensioner arms and idler pulleys and sprockets in a large variety of styles and configurations to keep your synchronous drives at optimal performance. 

We provide a variety of power transmission components to a variety of industries including:


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