Belt Tensioners

B&B Manufacturing® now offers a variety of belt tensioners and drive tighteners in different sizes and configurations. We offer:

  • S-Series / Base Mounted Tensioners
  • GS-Series / Base Mounted Tensioners
  • X-Series / Floating Mount Tensioners
  • RS-Series / Adjustable Angle Mounted Tensioners
  • G-Series / Flange Mounted Positioners
  • R-Series / Angle Mounted Positioners
  • T-Series / Spring Loaded Automatic Tensioning
  • A-Series / Shaft Mounted Tensioners
  • H-Series / Screw Adjustment Tensioners
  • L-Series / Slide Adjustment Tensioners
  • M-Series / Vertical Mount, Horizontal Mount, and Spring Loaded
  • BB4 / Heavy Duty

Controlled tensioning eliminates excessive chain vibration and horsepower loss due to belt slippage. Increase the life of your equipment through smooth drive power with the use of a drive tensioner.

Our tensioners are painted and with plated mounting bolts for maximum rust prevention.

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