Machine & Conveyor Belts for Packaging Industry

packaging machine beltsThe packaging industry has many uses for timing belts, timing belt pulleys, and roller chain sprockets. Some examples include conveyor systems, blowers, pumps, HVAC units, dry reel vegetable tumblers and washers, mixers and augers. Recent trends include the transition from roller chain sprocket drive systems to timing belt systems in an effort to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and product contamination.

In the past, floor conveyors have been driven by roller chain and roller chain sprockets. However, roller chain drives require more routine maintenance and regular lubrication. Many companies are opting to switch to timing belts and timing belt pulleys which are lighter, require less maintenance, and do not require lubrication. This is especially important in the food and beverage packaging.

Blowers and pumps used to transport food and beverage products to the production floor are often powered by V-Belts and V-Belt Sheaves. Innovative companies are opting to use Polychain timing belts and timing pulleys in an effort to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with friction and tensioning.

Rooftop HVAC units often use V-Belts and V-Belt Sheaves which require expensive regular tension maintenance. Leading-edge companies are upgrading their units to Polychain belt drives in an effort to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Many dry reel vegetable tumblers and washers are driven by roller chain sprockets, but new designs are utilizing the cleaner and more cost effective timing belt systems - especially advantageous during the busy canning season.

Mixers and augers are also common users of roller chain systems and many operators, especially in the food and beverage industry, have made the decision to switch to the cleaner gearbelt drives to avoid product contamination.

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