Powerhouse® Belt Drives & Gates Synchronous Drive System

powerhouse mx drivesB&B Manufacturing's® Powerhouse® MX belt drives are great choices for low-speed, high torque drive applications. This accurate drive system is fully compatible with competitors’ systems and outperforms roller chain drives and other styles of rubber belt drive systems, delivering the lowest-cost belt drive system available for low-speed, high-torque applications.

Roller chain is not your only option!

Synchronous belt drive systems offer numerous benefits over conventional chain drives and many gear systems. When considering total investment costs, Powerhouse® MX belts typically last three times longer than roller chain drive systems, and Powerhouse® MX pulleys typically last ten times longer. The total cost of ownership for a Powerhouse® MX drive is significantly less than a roller chain drive. The lack of metal-to-metal part wear and lubrication requirements ensures a low maintenance drive. Time and money spent lubricating and retensioning drives can be spent on other more important tasks such as production! Production is lost every time your drive is shut down.

MaXimized production time = MaXimized profits!

Timing belt drives are increasingly replacing roller chain sprockets for the transfer of power from shaft to shaft, torque multiplication, speed reduction, speed increase, and shaft synchronization. B&B Manufacturing®, the recognized leader in timing belt drives, continues to meet all your needs for timing belt pulleys, timing belts, sprockets, timing pulley bar stock, flanges, and bushings across a broad range of industrial applications. Choose from a full line of quality power transmission products featuring leading-edge technologies that deliver competitive advantages.

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