Pulleys & Timing Belts for the Robotics Industry

B&B Manufacturing partners with clients in the robotics industry to provide high-quality timing belt pulleys, timing belts, spur gears, and gear racks ideal for robotics applications. 

Robot Handlers

Robot handlers load and unload machines with custom-designed fingers/grippers and can be programmed to perform a variety of manual processes such as opening and closing doors, positioning and placing labels, and starting other machines. Universal robots excel in high volume repetitive tasks to ensure that quality is maintained while “lead time” is shortened. Operators reload the trays for the robot and periodically examine the machined parts after a set amount of product has been inspected. The robot contains sensors that make the system automatically stop if something is detected in its path, so workers can safely work alongside the new state-of-the-art technology. B&B Manufacturing uses a UR-10 robot for a variety of repetitive tasks.


Drilling Robots

Drilling robots are a great alternative to manual drilling. They cut labor costs while improving the speed of production. Drilling can produce dust or other particles into the air during this application process. By using a robotic driller, the human worker is removed from the harmful environment. Each drilling robot can be fitted with specialized tooling that is fully customizable to specific drilling requirements. B&B uses a custom 4 Suhner Drill/Tap Head Computerized Automatic Drill/Tap Machine alongside an array of other drilling options. 

drilling robots

Security Robots

Another common use for precision mechanical components in the robotics industry is in security robots. Security robots come in a variety of styles including drones, video surveillance, alarms, environment hazard alarms, patrolling, and various military applications such as carrying heavy equipment. Gears, pulleys, and belts help put the robots in motion!

Cutting Robots

Cutting robots are programmed to remove material from a workpiece or to divide a workpiece into several smaller parts. B&B Manufacturing has three such automatic saws to cut rounded bars of metal into slugs to be machined into finished parts.

automatic saw


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