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Custom Component Machining Capabilities

Equipment List                                 



Sawing is a common capability used during the manufacture of precision products. B&B Manufacturing has a variety of automatic saws with the ability to do bulk sawing for a variety of products.     


(1) Peerless HB1014A Automatic Saw

(1) Doall C-916 Automatic Saw

(1) Marvel 15A4 Automatic Saw

(3) Hyd-Mech PLC100



Turning involves a piece of machinable material resting on a lathe and being rotated against a cutting device. B&B manufacturing has a variety of precision machines that are able to perform CNC turning.   


(2) Mazak Nexus Quickturn 250-II MY

(1) Mazak Quickturn 250 MSY with LNS bar feed

(1) Tsugami B0325-II, 7-Axis CNC Swiss Screw Machine with LNS bar feed

(1) Tsugami B0326-II, CNC Swiss Screw Machine

(1) Tsugami B0325V-III

(1) Haas ST10 CNC Lathe with Universal Robot

(3) Haas ST10 CNC Lathes with barfeed

(2) Haas ST15 CNC Lathes with live tools

(1) Haas ST15Y CNC Lathe with live tools

(1) Haas TL15 CNC Lathe with live tools

(2) Haas ST20 CNC Lathes with live tools and barfeed

(1) Haas SL20APL CNC Lathe with auto pallet loader

(2) Haas SL20 CNC Lathes

(1) Haas ST25 CNC Lathe with barfeed

(3) Haas ST25 CNC Lathes with live tools and barfeed

(2) Haas ST25Y CNC Lathes with live tools

(1) Haas ST28 CNC Lathe with live tools

(2) Haas ST30 CNC Lathes with live tooling and Fanuc Robots

(1) Haas ST30 CNC Lathe with big bore and LNS bar feed

(2) Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe

(2) Haas TL-2 CNC Lathes

(1) Cincinnati Lathe 26” X 72”

(1) Leblond Lathe 10” x 24”

(1) Haas ST15 with live tooling 



Hobbing is part of the gear manufacturing process that allows for teeth to be cut in a more cost-effective and efficient way than grinding. B&B Manufacturing has a 60 hobbing machines that are able to provide gear hobbing for many different applications.         


(2) Mitsubishi GB30 CNC Hobbing Machine

(2) Gleason-Pfauter P100 CNC Hobbing Machine

(3) Lees-Bradner 7VH Vertical Gear Hobber

(6) Barber Colman 6-10 Multicycle Hobbing Machine

(12) Barber Colman 6-10 Hobbing Machine

(12) Barber Colman #3 Hobbing Machine

(2) Barber Colman 16-36 Multicycle Hobbing Machine

(4) Barber Colman 16-16 Multicycle Hobbing Machine

(2) Barber Colman 14-15 Hobbing Machine

(1) Barber Colman 14-15 Multicycle Hobbing Machine

(1) G&E 24H Hobbing Machine – 24” diameter

(2) Pfauter RS1 Hobbing Machine – 36” diameter

(2) Modul Vertical Gear Hobber - 48” diameter

(1) Lansing GH50 Vertical Gear Hobber – 50” diameter

(1) Liebherr 401 Hobbing Machine

(2) Xi’An Vertical Gear Hobber

(3) Gauthier W1

(1) Star Cutter HS4 Hob Sharpener   



Shaping is another essential part of the component manufacturing process where raw material is shaped to a custom tooth profile. B&B Manufacturing has the machining capabilities to provide tooth shaping for a variety of products.


(7) Fellows #7A Gear Shaper

(1) Fellows #6A Gear Shaper

(3) Fellows #4A Gear Shaper



Milling is a part of the machining process where a piece of material is held and moved on an axis where shoulders, grooves, or other features are machined into the surface of the material. B&B Manufacturing has a variety of milling machines with CNC capabilities as well as manual control.                


(2) Haas VF1 CNC Milling Machine

(1) Fanuc RoboDrill Mate CNC Milling Machine

(3) Bridgeport 4HP/2HP Variable Speed Manual Mill

(1) Haas Mini Mill



Honing is part of the finishing portion of the manufacturing process where machinery is used to make precision changes to the surface of a product. This allows for different applications to be successfully performed within the products being machined. B&B manufacturing has many different honing machines with the ability to make numerous honing changes to products of different materials.


(1) Sunnen MBB1690 with Power Stroke Honing Machine

(1) Sunnen MBB1680 with Power Stroke Honing Machine

(1) Sunnen MBB1660 with Power Stroke Honing Machine

(1) Sunnen MBB1660 Honing Machine


Drilling & Tapping

The drilling and tapping portion of the machining process is generally done in an effort to add threads or otherwise fasten the material to another portion of the product. B&B Manufacturing has many different machines with the capability to provide drilling and tapping for products of different sizes and shapes.


(1) Custom 4 Suhner Drill/Tap Head Computerized Automatic Drill/Tap Machine

(9) Mill/Drill 8” X 16”

(1) Bridgeport 9” X 32” Mill



Broaching is a part of the precision machining process generally reserved for irregular shapes and sizes on metal and plastic products. B&B Manufacturing has machinery large and small able to handle broaching (Keyways, square bores, v-bores, etc).for many different precision machining components.


(2) LaPointe 10 Ton Horizontal Broaching Machine

(2) Zagor 2 Ton Horizontal Mini Broaching Machine

(1) Detroit 3 Ton Horizontal Broach

(1) American Vertical Broach Machine

(2) Custom-built 1 Ton Horizontal Mini Broaching Machine

(3) Famco 5C 5 Ton Arbor Press

(1) Miles Broach Machine - Fully Automated with Conveyor


Injection Molding

(1) Kawaguchi KM180,180 ton injection molding press

(3) Toyo Ti90-G2, 90 ton injection molding press

(1) AEC GPAC-40 - Chiller

(2) Branson 8400 Ultrasonic Welder 

(2) Hardinge Lathe 

(1) Trak DPM3 CNC Mill

(1) Okamoto 6-18 Surface Grinder



(1) Epilog Laser Marking Machine

(1) Pelestamp Laser Marking Machine


Belt Slitting

Belt slitting is another important part of the precision manufacturing process that involves cutting products to specific widths in a way that is more controlled and cost effective than other methods of cutting to create belts. B&B Manufacturing has an automated CNC belt slitting machine that provides tight tolerances for custom products.


(2) Custom-made Computer Controlled Belt Slitter with Long Length capabilities

(1) Optibelt-Cut Belt Slitter   

(1) LYCB500 CNC Belt Slitter           



Inspection is critical in the manufacturing process to ensure that products meet customer requirements and/or print specifications. B&B manufacturing has a variety of inspection processes and tools to ensure that products are manufactured accurately.          


(2) Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Comparator

(1) Cordax 1808 Coordinate Measuring Machine

(1) Roundcom 30C Roundness Measuring System

(1) Clark CTT8 Hardness Tester

(4) Sunnen PG-800 Precision Gage

(2 Brown & Sharpe Holematic Pistol Grip Precision Bore Gage

(1) Starrett Pistol Grip Precision Bore Gage

(3) Sheffield Precisionaire Column Air Bore Gage

(2) Digital Sheffield Precisionaire Air Bore Gage

(1) Federal Dimensionair Dial Air Bore Gage

(4) Starrett Digital Height Gages

(1) Precision Gage Vari Roll Model D-2

(2) Precision Gage Vari Roll Model G-4

(2) Federal Roll Check

(2) Mahr Federal Pocket Surf III

(1) Vari-Roll G-4 with VR-210 Helical Adapter, VR-310 Bevel Gear Adapter

 Calipers:  0 – 24”

 Micrometers:  0 – 28”



(1) Harig Super 612 Surface Grinder

(1) Cress Model 28 Heat Treat Oven

(2) Denison Multipress

(1) Vapor Blast Sand Blast Cabinet

(1) AEC Systems Multi Stage Industrial Parts Washer

(1) Tennant 7200 Floor Scrubber



ECI Jobboss ERP Software

Creo/Pro-Engineer CAD Software

Esprit CAD/CAM Software

Gagetrak Gage Calibration Software


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