Metric Timing Belt Pulleys

With custom manufacturing services and a full range of metric timing belt pulleys ready for immediate shipment, we can meet any company’s timing belt pulley need. Visit our catalog to choose from our selection of U.S.-made plain and finished bore stock aluminum and steel timing pulleys in metric bore sizes with metric set screws. In addition, we can cross-reference other companies’ part numbers to ensure you select the right part for you.

Metric Belt PulleyPitches include:

  • 2.03 MM (MXL)
  • 5.08 MM (XL)
  • 9.525 MM (L)
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
  • T20
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • AT20

Styles include:

  • Type 6F (hub and flanges)
  • Type 3F (hubless)
  • Type 6 (no flange)
  • Type 6FC
  • Type 6FI (integrated locking hub and flanges)
  • Type 6I (integrated locking hub without flanges)

For unique applications, we can redesign your current parts or design and manufacture them from scratch.

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