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Nx5, QD Bushing

Nx5, N-5, 20181412


Nx5, QD Bushing, Ductile Iron 65-45-12, Black Phosphate,

B&B Manufacturing carries Nx5 Bushings in a large variety of bore sizes from stock.


Product Number Nx5
Material Ductile Iron 65-45-12
Finish Black Phosphate
Bore Type Finished Bore
Bore (in) 5.000
Bore Description 5 Inch Finished Bore
Min. Bore (in) 2.4375
Unit System Inch
Bushing N
A (in) 1.500
B (in) 7.000
D (in) 10.000
E (in) 6.625
F (in) 6.25
L (in) 8.125
Torque Capacity (lb/in) 150,000
Bolt Circle (in) 8.500
Number & Screw Size 4 - (7/8-9 x 8)
Weight (lb) 80.00
Part Number Cross Reference N 5., N.5, N 5, N-5, 20181412, N x 5kw, N-5, N-5, 119954, Nx5
Cap Screw Quantity 4