ACHE Sprockets and their differences

Posted on Feb 29, 2016

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) are used in process cooling and/or condensing in a variety of industrial processes including: Petroleum Processing, Petrochemical (Forced or induced Draft), Oil/Gas Production, Gas Processing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Transport, and HVAC.

The major difference between ACHE sprockets and standard timing pulleys are that the Powerhouse HTD and Powerhouse MX ACHE sprockets are designed to be significantly lighter than the standard Taper-Lock, QD, MPB, or finished bore alternatives. This substantial difference in weight is critical for overhead installations when large diameter ACHE sprockets are required.

Unlike many of B&B Manufacturing,'s competitors, B&B Manufacturing machines the smaller diameter ACHE sprockets from ductile iron. Ductile Iron is more cost-effective and easier to machine than cast iron with comparable strength which reduces machining time,and extends tool life. In addition, burr removal is much easier with ductile iron. Often ductile iron does not require ultrasonic testing before machining like hot-rolled steels that contain sulphur and other agents to improve machinability.

B&B Manufacturing provides a wide variety of ACHE sprockets and belts from stock for your convenience.