Wire EDM Machining For Precision Drive Components

Posted on Jun 09, 2020

B&B recently commissioned a Charmilles Robofil 290 4 axis wire EDM. It works by slowly running a wire from two heads, one above and one below the workpiece. The machine generates an electrical discharge between the workpiece and the wire. The electrical discharge creates a spark at the connection point and burns the material off. The wire, being only 0.010" thick and requiring less room for movement, allows the EDM to cut precise shapes along with both inner and outer profiles that a standard mill or broach machine would not produce.The EDM will provide shorter lead times and ensure accuracy, we also have a CAM software that allows us to program the machine based off computer models. Our Wire EDM Machining for precision drive components has been greatly expanded with the use of the Charmilles Robofill 290 4 axis wire EDM.